Antlers Court Building 8660 Winands Road Randallstown, MD 410-363-6722

Various Church Ministries and Directors


Church Ministries - Ministry Directors


Sunday School - Deacon James Curtis

Prayer Ministry - Sis. Booker, Sis. Neptune, Sis. Smith

Missions Out Reach - Bro. Aldophus Neptune

Benevolence Ministry - Deacon Derr, Rev. Luallen, Sis. Brenda Bentley

Reach Out in Love Ministry - Sis. Melinda Collins

Mens Ministry - Counseling Ministry - Pastor Keith Greer, Sr.

Married Couples Ministry - Deacon Joe and Sis Tina Brown, Jr.

Womens Ministry Committee - Sis.Booker, Sis Davis, Sis. Greer, Sis.Luallen, Sis. Nowlin, Sis Whorley  

Music Ministry (Adult and Youth) - Bro. Michael and Sis. Annette Robinson

Adult Usher Board - Sis. Bernice Davis

Youth Usher Board - Sis. Tatia Bradley

Church Health Ministry - Bro. Chris Golden, M.D. and Sis Sherita Golden, M.D. 

Public Safety and Transportation - Brother Steven Collins

Audio Visual Ministry - Bro. Danny Dukes and Bro. Reggie Johnson

Computer Website Ministry - Bro. Wayne Edwards

Girl Scouts - Sis. Dr. Annette Donowa


Interested in Serving call Pastor Greer at 410-363-6722



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