Antlers Court Building 8660 Winands Road Randallstown, MD 410-363-6722

Church Music Ministry

The Clearview Baptist Church Music Ministry is devoted to the worship of the Triune God yielding to His transformation of Praise and Worship Services on Sunday, to Worship as a way of life everyday and continued discipleship.  Prayer, Praise and Exaltation is our theme and purpose in leading others in worshipping Him for who He is and what He has done for us. 


Music Ministry Mission Statement

To inspire, recruit, train and nurture leaders for all areas of the music program with a focus on a ministry of service; to encourage and stimulate the interest of the church membership in engaging in musical activities congregationally and through specialized groups; all with a focus on Jesus Christ.


Volunteer Opportunities

We believe that everything that we need has been provided in the local church family. Anyone that is a member of the church can serve in the Music Ministry. We have a youth choir for ages 18 and under and the Voices of Clearview encompasses all ages. 


Is this your Season?  Get Involved!

Contact Michael Robinson, Church Musician or his wife Annette Robinson before or after church.



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